A new way of preparing pipes

Visual inspection of the connection is simple thanks to the see through quality.

The pipe can be drifted without removing the protector thanks to the removable end cap.

A smart protector !

Data (such as pipe length) can be read and shared and the pipe can always be traced & tracked, thanks to its RFID chip.

It is resistant to dirt and extreme weather conditions.

Grease-free Connexion + Premium Protector -> Rig-Ready pipe

Grease-free connexions will eliminate the need for grease - both for removal and replacement. Premium Protectors make the job easier :

  • The waterproof seal is guaranteed.

  • The surface lubricant of the grease-free pipe remains intact after Premium Protector removal.

Fits with all tightening tools

  • Impact wrench

  • Chain wrench

  • Jaw wrench

  • A single bar

A reliable tightening is guaranteed thanks to the progressive torque increases & decreases.


Premium Protectors' simple design guarantees its reliability.

Premium Protectors are made of an energy absorbing material which handles physical constraints by bending itself (without snapping).

With as little as 3 threads, the protector still passes the pulling out test.


After impact at extremes of temperature, Premium Protectors can still be unscrewed and the connection remains intact.

Its characteristics exceed the A.P.I. standard requirements.